K2R Medical Assist

Highly personalized care and 24-hrs medical travel assistance. K2R Biotech’s Medical Assist arm specializes in coordinating medical travel for patients seeking treatment abroad.

Medical treatment & travel assistance worldwide

We offer comprehensive services like hospital and doctor appointment bookings, cost-effective medical packages, and second opinion consultations. Additionally, we provide logistic support with air ambulances, flight stretchers, medical escorts, and air charters. Prioritizing client comfort and convenience, they manage health records, transportation, and accommodation, collaborating with certified medical providers and high-standard hospitality services.

Medical Consultancy

Air Ambulance

Air Charters

Transit Assistance

We Change the Way you Travel for Medical Needs

Our dedicated case manager provides you 24-hrs medical assistance throughout your journey, stay, and return home. Together with our global partners, we are known for setting higher-than-industry standards in the medical transfer sector.

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