DarkOwl announced the release of Ransomware API, the latest in their suite of darknet products. By enabling users to monitor darknet ransomware sites for their strategic assets – including first and third-party vendors – organizations have the most accurate information available as to whether an entity has been extorted or compromised in a ransomware attack.

Ransomware API accesses the same database of darknet content as DarkOwl’s other data products but targets results to content that was posted on ransomware group websites. These sites include those where actors post about their victims, and frequently leak compromised data that resulted from their attacks.

Using this data, a company could expose potential risk for their own organization, assess supply chain vendor risk, or calculate risk to support cybersecurity insurance underwriting processes.

DarkOwl’s newest product is the first in the industry to offer streamlined, targeted insight into ransomware-hosted content on the darknet.

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