Intelligence & Data Analytics

We enable organizations to turn data into valuable insights with our deep machine learning and data engineering technologies. We provide support with sourcing, building & managing these complex, game-changing and reliable products and platforms.

Featured Solutions

Here is a quick look at some of the intelligence & data analytics solutions you can get from K2R Biotech.

Facial Recognition Technology

Industry-leading technology with unrivaled speed, accuracy & privacy. This tech is powered by Autonomous AI®, the most advanced artificial intelligence system developed by top AI researchers and backed by more than 250 patents.

Lawful Intercept Platforms

We develop & deliver technology that supports active, passive, and hybrid Real-time communication interception and intelligence solutions that support all network types to comply with local regulations or laws.

Smart Data Scan & Capture

We leverage cutting-edge technology to enable clients to accomplish character recognition & data sorting. With this technology, anyone can instantly scan & digitize analog data in the real world using any camera-enabled mobile device.

Cyber Intelligence

We can help assess, protect and provide remediation for your cyber network. Our layered cyber security solution is designed to secure your organization from adversarial threats that exist.

FinCrime Threat Intelligence

Our platform shines a light on the darknet, enabling cybersecurity teams to track threats across multiple channels trafficking dangerous information on institutions.

DarkNet Intelligence

We offer a suite of data products designed to meet the needs of businesses looking to quantify risk and understand their threat attack surface with ccess the world’s largest database of darknet content

Development & Operational Partners

An ever-growing robust partner network across multiple parts of the world


Innovating Everyday With Tomorrow In Mind

We believe in continuous improvement, follow the latest technological innovations, and implement new solutions with an ever-growing network of global partners.

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Innovative Tech Tools & Systems

World-class solutions for operatives in Police, Law Enforcement, Public Transport, Private Security, Healthcare and others

Biomedical Solutions

We offer the broadest portfolio of biomedical materials to enable our clients to increase their performance, profitability, and professionalism.