High-quality Biomedical solutions across multiple medical specialties

K2R Biotech is committed to offering the broadest portfolio of biomedical materials and process manufacturing in the industry in order to enable our clients to increase their performance, profitability, and professionalism in their various trades.

Featured Solutions

Our Biotech solutions serve multiple healthcare markets like cardiovascular, continence care, dental services, Neurology, Opthalmology, orthopedics, Peripheral Vascular, Plastic & reconstructive surgeries, and, women’s health.

Medical Equipment

We source, supply & service medical products which incorporate smart technology that’s clean, safe & affordable. Our manufacturing partners deliver high-quality equipment fabricated of Stainless Steel, powder-coated industrial-grade steel, Acrylic, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate and PVC in fire-resistant and static-dissipative formulations to meet your hospital and laboratory needs.


Our high-quality disposable and reusable accessories can help manage infection control and support the care and comfort of patients. We focus on sourcing & supplying products that are easy to use and balance administrative challenges i.e. consumables that are able to withstand the hectic healthcare environment while maintaining their ability to support all patients, regardless of age, from admission to discharge.

Point Of Care Systems

We develop Point of Care Systems that ensure accuracy in dispensing with a time-tested approach for delivering correct medications to the correct patient at the desired time while also providing an instantaneous status of all prescription orders as they move through the dispensing process; making complex prescription order management simple.

Innovating Everyday With Tomorrow In Mind

We believe in continuous improvement, follow the latest technological innovations, and implement new solutions with an ever-growing network of global partners.

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Intelligence & Data Analytics

We enable organizations to turn data into valuable insights with our deep machine learning and data engineering technologies.

Innovative Tech Tools & Systems

World-class solutions for operatives in Police, Law Enforcement, Public Transport, Private Security, Healthcare and others